A well-made home isn’t just about looking good, it also tells people who you are. A home interior design really plays a part to it.

Why choose Aiidee as your home interior design partner

At AIIDEE, our primary goal is to create a home that positively improves your well-being. It needs to be comfortable, and it should reflect you.

You will feel relaxed, energized, and productive when your home is well-designed. Interior design can improve one’s quality of life. Being surrounded with delicate finishes and functional spaces lifts your mood and enhances your lifestyle. As experts in home interior design, we pay attention to minor details, and we have faith in our craftsmanship. More than anything, we value your views of your ideal home and will always keep your dream home in mind from the start of the project to the end.

Our home interior design capabilities

At AIIDEE, our top priority is to provide you with exceptional home interior design services considering your personal preferences and style. We have a team of highly skilled interior designers who can bring your dream home into reality.

The process of our home interior design services starts with a one-on-one conversation with you to get a better idea of your vision. Then we will provide you with personalised solutions that can fulfill your requirements. We intend to meet and go beyond your expectations by delivering beautiful yet functional designs. Our main focus is on your comfort and the functionality of your home.


We offer bespoke home interior design services for your apartments maximizing the space available. Our experts will make your apartment, an inviting and unique looking home.


We address your needs with our experience. Optimizing the space and transforming your apartment giving it character and style.

Landed Properties

You can expect modern timeless designs delivered to the highest quality. We pay special attention to comfort, functionality and aesthetics.

Our Portfolio

We have delivered a wide range of projects. Each of the projects that we have undertaken is different and has its own unique character.

You will be able to see our expertise through what we have done. From the start to the end of each type of project, we follow up meticulously, ensuring all details are produced as discussed. This delivers a well completed home interior design.

When you go through our portfolio, you will notice that transforming houses into better places to live has been our passion since day one. We invite you to explore our portfolio and get inspired.

Client reviews

We have been fortunate to work with the best clients. They have always been communicative and supportive of our creative processes. Our creativity and expertise blend in with their ideas and vision to create these impactful beautiful designs.

As a kind gesture for the excellent home interior design services that we have provided, our clients have given us very kind reviews. They appreciate our ability to bring their ideas to life, our professionalism, and our timely delivery of the projects.

We definitely recommend Yew Koon to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and capable interior designer. 5 stars! 👍

Jesmond Oh

We are very happy with the overall outcome and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Interior Designers!

James Liung

We’d highly recommend Yew Koon to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy and capable interior designer. 5 stars!

Hui Ting Mak


We have a blog with articles written by experts in interior design. Through that, we intend to share with you more about the industry, best practices and our home interior design projects. It will help you get inspired and may ease you in your renovation process. Design tips, current trends, and hot topics in the discussion are all covered in this blog, not just for home interior design but for commercial interior design as well.

We understand the importance of your design journey. This is why we started the blog, rich with content which may also act as a guide for you to create your ideal home.

Contact Us!

So, why are you waiting? We would love to hear from you about your project and your vision. Let us help you transform your house into heaven. AIIDEE is a phone call or an email away from you.

We will listen to your requirements and ideas and create custom solutions within your budget. AIIDEE is ready to answer all your questions regarding your interior design. Contact us now and schedule a consultation session. Let us take a chance at your home!