455B Ang Mo Kio | 5 Room BTO


Project: 455B Ang Mo Kio

Type: 5 Room BTO

Style: Scandinavian Japandi

We gathered a timeless neutral palette and have fluted panels as the accent material for this Tea house. 

Scandinavian Tea House.


Enter this home and feel like you have transported into a Japanese Tea House. With light oak wood from the Scandinavian side to the ash grey like surfaces from the Japandi style, this is a great medley would never go out- of- date. Moreover, to play away from angular corners, we slotted in some arcs here and there.

Sit at your Entryway. 


Don’t worry that you would not have enough space to have an entryway in a BTO. We created a settee for you to sit down to wear your shoes which also doubles up as a drawers for your socks! Minimal space at its maximum functionality! 

Hobbies on Display.


Interior design project | 455B ANG MO KIO _ 5 ROOM BTO

Moving on, we have 3 ways to store and display your hobbies. Firstly, we created a storage space to store your miscellaneous. Secondly, a black tinted glass display for you to display your intricate sculptures, this way the items have an added illuminated look. Lastly, we have rounded open shelves to put out your intricate figurines and regularly used objects like books. Different ways of such help to give more dynamic to the home.

Tea Ceremony in a BTO.

Interior design project | 455B ANG MO KIO _ 5 ROOM BTO

Interior design project | 455B ANG MO KIO _ 5 ROOM BTO

Here’s the talking point of the space. This area is made for the user’s hobby- Tea! Rather than the usual sofa and coffee table, we brought in this motorised elevated table which you can keep it up or down whenever you would want to sip on tea while reading a book. 

Aside from having it as an area to wind down, we have utilised the underneath as a storage space as well. With flushed handles and drawers, not many would notice that there are plenty of storage below.

Fluted Panels all around.

Interior design project | 455B ANG MO KIO _ 5 ROOM BTO

To highlight this area, we have put up fluted panels all around. To make it as slick as possible, we came up with interventions to embed the light fittings and switches. Hence, able to produce a zen- like tea house. 

Sit on your storage.

Interior design project | 455B ANG MO KIO _ 5 ROOM BTO

A way to have more storage, we can make a fixture dual- function. One of which is this dining bench, it doubles up as a seat and storage. In this case, the user has many books and has stored her books here where she can both read and get the books from.

Additionally, we placed a piece of tea- tinted mirror here to help give the illusion that the space is twice as big.

Open but enclosed Kitchen.

This kitchen is designed to be a semi- open concept. We have clear sliding windows here to act as a serving counter and to close it up when you do some cooking. Moreover, we have a synchronised sliding door that is elderly- friendly as it only requires minimal effort to slide open. 


For this home, the users do not cook often, so we have dedicated plenty of space to store dry rations like snacks, drinks and cat food! In addition, BLUM drawers to store your pretty tableware. The BLUM Space Tower is also one way to house these goodies. In all projects, we would always recommend BLUM mechanisms and accessories as they are known to be durable.

Full- set bedroom.

We did up an entire set of carpentry for the bedroom, from the bed base with storage drawers, bedside table, settee, TV media box and a vanity. For the bed base, we have drawers in a mirror finish to give it a floating effect, not looking too bulky for the space constraints we have in this BTO too.

Hotel- like bathroom.

For the bathroom, we created maximum storage here. We have this vanity mirror and cabinet where you can place your toiletries and a recessed area where we mounted a toiled roll holder. In addition, we have bowl- shaped basin to complete the look, mimicking how many luxury hotel bathrooms are.

455B Ang Mo Kio | 5 Room BTO


Floor Area: 1,200 sqft

Project Cost: $90k

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