2A Boon Tiong Road | 4 Room Resale HDB

Modern Contemporary

Interior design project - 2A BOON TIONG ROAD - Living area


This 4 Room Resale flat is located at a rather old estate, Tiong Bahru. This lovely space is home to a middle- aged couple. In which, the home encases a timeless and cozy palette. A space of monochromes fixtures with warm tones.

At first glance of stepping foot into this home, you will immediately get a sense of cosines. Having furniture and décor standing out of it, is the charm of this living room. Both fittings need not always be blending in together to the architectural structures of the flat. Rather we can include warm colors like the coffee table and flooring to increase the dynamic of the space. Mitigating the “flatness” of this crib. Having your fittings blend in with the wall, which many would deem it to be of the “minimalist style”, could be a double- edged sword. It could look mundane.


Interior design project - 2A BOON TIONG ROAD - Dining area

Moving on, you would wonder how seamless each corner of the ceiling is. Where are the electrical casings? There are hidden in the false ceiling. Say no more to electrical casings that would be busy running around your home. Moreover, we also took in account of the blinds mounting points, having the false ceiling to house it.

This area doubles up as your entryway and pantry. No more bags and keys lying on the coffee table and sofa. Instead, create an area for it which in fact, having another talking point of your home. Moreover, we take pride in achieving seamless carpentry. Furthermore, have this pantry to be an extension of the dining table. We are always venturing in carpentry mechanisms, making sure these hardware are durable and maintenance- friendly. Now, you would not need to worry of not having enough space on the dining table!

Sometimes we would like some privacy but isn’t looking for something that’s gives a visual block. Framed glass doors would be an idea that provides functionality but also provides depth throughout the space. Lastly, not to mention, the color temperature is meticulously picked with several considerations, achieving the warm yet cozy atmosphere.


Interior design project - 2A BOON TIONG ROAD - Dining area

Next, the Study Room. Accentuate your home with a blue and bold wall which naturally have your dainty displays catch one’s eye. With it, is a customized modular system shelving unit. This aluminum fixture is rust- free and dismantle friendly, a manner to save in the long- run. 


Interior design project - 2A BOON TIONG ROAD - Study room

Adding on, this is the other side of the study. Things are much more formal over here, building fully to cater to your needs. From office electronics to intricate displays then to your desk. How ideal to have a corner like this where you can work comfortably! All in all, this home is crafted meticulously. Other than design, “seamless” is also a vision we have in mind for every space we encounter. Hoping all users will live comfortably in their cribs.


Interior design project - 2A BOON TIONG ROAD - Home office space

The hallway is often the most neglected portion of a home. People tend to overlook it but it also contributes to the design language of this place. This section is crafted to again achieve the seamless aesthetic, the doors camouflaging with the side walls along this aisle.


2A Boon Tiong Road | 4 Room Resale HDB

Modern Contemporary

Floor Area: 1,080 sqft

Project Cost: $85k


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