Kingsfold Waterbay | 3 Bedroom Condominium


Project Name: Kingsford Waterbay

Location: 68 Upper Serangoon View, Singapore 533884

A modernised cultural home filled with several Chinese Antique elements. 

Fusion of Traditional and Modern.

kingsfold waterbay - Interior design project

When the furniture is more distinct like the popular Chinese Antique, we tend to pick softer colour and material palette for rest of the home. The reason being Chinese Antique furniture are designed to be bold and are generally in the darker shade of wood, its surfaces are filled with intricate details that can even act as an entire mural. With such bold furniture, its surroundings have to be more muted if not there will be a clash of materials which will then look messy. In this case, we have selected off-white for the TV cabinet.


When speaking about displays, people tend to think about glass display cabinets only, but in this home, we have 2 types. One of which we have is a featured backing lined with metal trimmings then with shelving. 

Highlight in the Dining.

kingsfold waterbay | Interior design project

Here’s the talking point of the home. We have this feature display with storage wall that also acts as a pantry to store your intricate table ware. In addition, it is also in an off- white shade so to offset from the bold Chinese Antique furniture, in this case, the dining table. Above it, we have a circular niche on the false ceiling to reflect the shape of the dining table, which also plays off as a coherent element, making the area more complete. Furthermore, a feature wall to display an artwork or sculpture, with 2 accent wall light fitting to highlight the area even more.


Kingsford Waterbay | 3 Bedroom Condominium


Floor Area: 1,030 sqft

Project Cost: $68k

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