Best tips to select the modern interior design for HDB

What is HDB?

Before discussing interior design for HDB, let’s take a minute to explain what an HDB is. The Housing and Development Board, or HDB, is the public housing authority in Singapore. It belongs to the Ministry of National Development and acts as a statutory board.

What is the function of the HDB? 

The Housing and Development Board is responsible for planning and developing public housing towns in Singapore. These towns offer Singaporeans high-quality homes. HDB engages in active research and development activity and helps maintain standards.

Even though HDB towns are outfitted with a variety of commercial, recreational, and social facilities and amenities for the convenience of residents, one of HDB’s primary focuses is to guarantee that these communities can adapt to shifting requirements and conditions. 

Developing harmonious communities within HDB’s towns is also one of the agency’s top priorities. Community areas are made available in living situations so that inhabitants can socialise and interact with one another. The formulation of public housing policies takes the needs of society and promotes the vision of the country into consideration. These goals include the upkeep of racial harmony, the fortification of familial bonds, and the prioritisation elderly and those who may have financial constraints.

Determine the scope of the interior design for HDB.


When it comes to interior design for HDB, it is helpful to have a clear understanding of the entire scope of the project. In Singapore, interior design for HDB may be quite expensive, this can also help you get a better idea of how much money you will need to set aside for the project.

In addition, you will be more aware of the kind of available design services and the renovation deadlines provided by those services. An interior designer can assist you in navigating the complex HDB remodeling laws and regulations. It will be vital if this is your first time renovating your house.

You can plan whether or not you need a new kitchen, bathrooms or living room. It will also give you a good indication of how extensive the HDB renovation has to be, which, in return, will help simplify the interior design for HDB and the process even further.

Plan your budget.


A project of interior design renovation for HDB is usually finished within six to eight weeks. During this time frame, you will be required to make payments equaling up to more than 90% of the total cost of your HDB renovation. Therefore, before you get in touch with an identification services provider, it is a good idea to look into your available financing choices, such as savings and home improvement loans. You’ll be able to organise your budget and limit your expenditures if you proceed in this manner.

Regarding interior design for HDB and renovations in Singapore, you could spend about to 40,000 to 70,000 Singapore dollars on the project on average. This is not a definitive estimate and can change depending on the size and condition of your unit. Please keep in mind that the prices given in this article are only meant to serve as an indication and that actual pricing may differ. Talk to a designer if you want additional information about the pricing structure.

Remember to put some money away for home insurance, considering this may be a significant investment, especially considering that the mandated HDB fire insurance does not cover any furniture that HDB doesn’t supply.

Choose an open concept.


In Singapore, more and more people are opting to build their homes with an open floor plan. Although this design concept appears simple at first glance, it serves as the cornerstone for many thoughts and ideas in interior design for HDB. In 2018, it was stated that all newly constructed HDB Build-to-Order flats would feature kitchens with an open floor plan. This is done to give homeowners a higher degree of flexibility regarding the design of the spaces within their homes, which can then be tailored to the specific tastes and requirements of each individual’s lifestyle.

Hacking down walls and adopting a concept of open-plan living would provide a sense of spaciousness in an otherwise tight HDB home. This can be accomplished by avoiding the limitations imposed by an HDB floor plan. Since it allows for greater flexibility in terms of space planning, an open concept is particularly well suited for use in flats on the smaller side. The living and dining spaces of many HDB homeowners’ homes are often combined into a single, open floor plan to provide an airier and more coherent environment.

When someone enters your home for the first time, they will most likely be greeted in the living room. This is because the living room is typically the most formal area in the house. This light-filled, airy living room features an open-concept layout, a minimalist design, and a clutter-free appearance, with only the most practical items in place. In addition, it was decided to go with a neutral colour scheme, with the goal being to strike a balance between practicability and aesthetic purity.

Choose the right colours.


The colours used for the walls in interior design for HDB are one of the first design choices you will need to make. It is essential because the atmosphere creates influences the remainder of the interior design.. Consider the following questions: is the room used for working, playing, or sleeping? Is it a public or a private area to gather? Do you want it to have a reflective tone or an inviting one? The answers to questions like these might assist you in making the best decision.

Think about giving each of your rooms its unique appearance. It would be best if you began by selecting the primary colour you wish to utilize in the space and then experiment with the colour palette to find complementary colours to employ. For example, if you have one wall painted in a dark colour, ensure that the other walls in the room are painted in a lighter shade to prevent the area from being too busy. The point discussed above is not only valid in interior design for HDB but for other projects as well.

Identify and invest in the right materials.


In interior design for HDB, there is a wide variety of materials and kinds of finishes from which to pick. Therefore, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the various requirements for each space and the ability to select the appropriate materials for that space. In addition, during the process of making your selection, you want to take into consideration aspects such as the product’s sturdiness, ease of maintenance, etc.

Wood is a material that is frequently used in interior design for HDB, and it is easy to understand why this is the case. Since it is a versatile material, wood can be successfully used in various interior design styles, including Scandinavian interior designs. It can even assist you in giving the impression that the area is larger than it is. In addition, the distinctive grain and textures of wood have a timeless aesthetic appeal and a natural beauty; they provide a natural warmth to your home, which helps your interior feel snug while adding a hint of rusticity to the mix.


 Interior design for HDB is all about being creative. You can find a lot of concepts and ideas for HDB flat interior design online, which can serve as a source of inspiration and help you get started on the path toward renovating your home. Even though there is little room, your HDB apartment gives you many design options to choose from, even if you stick to a minimalist and straightforward aesthetic.