The Tapestry | 3 Bedroom Condominium

Modern Contemporary

Project: The Tapestry

Type: 3 Room Condominium

Style: Modern Contemporary

A compact condominium full of hidden functional spaces. A functional yet elegant theme indeed.


The Tapestry | Interior design project

Once stepped into this unit, you would feel the coziness in this space right away. The single dimmed pendant light suspending down, sets the mood immediately and throughout, cozy enough for you to just want to lay on the sofa right after you get


Delicate Elegance

The Tapestry - Delicate Elegance

Rather than a plain wall, we have these detailed wall beadings laid across the wall, creating a kind of a delicate minimal mural. Additionally, with the pendant on, these beadings reflect shadows on the wall, making it look more dimensional.

Flat Seamless Storage

The Tapestry -Flat Seamless Storage

The TV wall is a corner with vast storage. With long drawers and levered cabinets, it eases the way a user opens it up. Rather than flipping open doors and doors, you will just need 1 hand to lift it up open to have a full view of your items. Moreover, longer doors give the illusion to enlarge your space.

Double the space

The Tapestry - Double the space

A storage space for the outdoor setting. Many would purchase a loose one off the shelf but we decided to customise and make it to withstand the rain and heat overtime. In addition, having it in mirror surface to make the balcony area look double in space.

Sleep In

The Tapestry - Bed room

The selected colour temperature of the lights and a delicate pendant light hanging helps the user to rest in comfortably. With the dark wood applied, it put more emphasis on the mood. Moreover, we then have a floating bed with lights at its circumference to help reduce some rigidity from the bulky mattress.

Hidden Storage

The Tapestry - Hidden Storage

Nowadays, housing is getting more and more compact, in which we would need to design with more storage in mind. In this case, we have built- in storage underneath the bed then adjoint with the dressing table on the left.

Foldable Fixture

The Tapestry - Foldable Fixture

We have a table the extends out when you need more space to work. Simply just fold it up and you can use it or just fold it down to keep it away. Alongside, we have flushed electrical points which helps to complete the entire look.

The Tapestry | 3 Bedroom Condominium

Modern Contemporary

Floor Area: 1,180 sqft

Project Cost: $60k

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