Clementi Ridge | 5 Room BTO

Modern Industrial

Project Name: Clementi Ridge

Type: 5 Room BTO

This home is of a masculine and industrial theme, different textures for each area to differentiate from its space.

Entrance Tiling.

Project Name Clementi Ridge - Entrance Tiling

To begin with, we have a mixed coloured hexagonal tiling work at the entryway. At the entryway, we would bring in the dirt from the outdoors. With dirt on the tiles, it is easily cleaned, whereas for vinyl, it would not be as easily cleaned. Hence, the choice of tiles at the entryway would be more ideal. Then having it gradually flow into the dining area, having it look more natural.

Featured Wall.

Project Name Clementi Ridge -  Featured Wall

Following, we have the living area that has a splash of teal chevron pattern. This TV wall is custom- made to nicely embed any wiring for your sound system, looking as clean as it can. With such choice of materials and colours for the wall, floor and furniture, it clearly gives off the masculine and industrial theme but without overwhelming it with strong tones. We have added some white like the console and walls to have everything come together.


Project Name Clementi Ridge -  Study

 Next, we have the study. This part of the design is to have to look open so to not feel too congested when doing up your work. Having a bright and airy space to work in, definitely will be more conducive and effective.


Project Name Clementi Ridge - Kitchen

For the kitchen, we have a barn door to keep the cooking in this area only, this is to prevent any after cooking grease or smell flowing into the living and the rooms. Also, a way to differentiate the areas. Again, dark colours here to further emphasise on the theme.

Lastly, we have one of the rooms here that is of an industrial and rustic style. Tailoring a bedside table with a wardrobe to minimalize on carpentry, making it a full complete set. With this selection of material of the carpentry, it gels in nicely with the dark teak flooring.

Project Name Clementi Ridge

Clementi Ridge | 5 Room BTO

Modern Industrial

Floor Area: 1,130 sqft

Project Cost: $55k

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