City Square Residence | 4 Bedroom Condominium


Project: City Square Residence

Type: 4 Bedroom Condominium

Style: Scandinavian

This 1,500 sqft home is encapsulated with neutral tones like beige, oak and grey finishes. Delivering a minimal and clean approach to beautifying its functionality. The simple lines seen are well thought through, ensuring each piece of wood or material is placed at the right position.

Pretty Storage.

Right at this angle, we have plentiful of storage space. All of your belongings are stored behind this hand-crafted carpentry, making sure to not clutter your space. Having this area made safe to have your kids run around.


City Square Residence interior design project


Breakfast Served.

An area to store your tableware and cutlery, always ready to dish them out conveniently. Or simply, reaching out to your water dispenser, brewing a nice cup of tea or coffee right away. We have different finishes here to mark out each area. Oak for the dining area, grey beige for most of the carpentry then highlighting the open niche with bronze laminates, combining all these finishes together, crafting out a soft look.

City Square Residence interior design project - Dining room

City Square Residence interior design project

Ideal TV Cabinet.

City Square Residence interior design project.

This set could be the most ideal configuration for anyone. Not only do you get ample space to hide your not so pretty things but also compartments to display the dainty items. Having niches that is wrapped in a bronze finish then adding on lights, helps to illuminate spots of the carpentry. This set does not only comprise of just plain flat carpentry, we have groove lines meticulously laid on the doors, accentuating the whole piece more.


City Square Residence interior design project

A kitchen that is all equipped with necessary compartments to store your cookware and wet tableware. Moreover, the crafting out an adequate amount of space to have you work on your dishes, moving around freely than having certain carpentry obstructing your movement.

Following, we have a tall compartment where you can store more of your dry staples. Having a full glance of what you have just pull this set out.

Hotel- like Bedroom.

City Square Residence interior design project

Moving on, we have the master bedroom. This unit is blessed with a unique view hence we did not cover up the windows, instead we refurbished the bay window with a nude surface that act as a sitting platform for you to wind down. We have a curve element on the bedhead to end off the set of carpentry nicely, this also helps to break off some rigidity in the room.


City Square Residence interior design project

We then have this L-shape wardrobe that connects to the bedhead which also has a niche conjoined. This niche is like a bedside table for you to place your knick-knacks, highlighting it with a medium brown wood piece across.

Luxury, Modern Bathroom.

City Square Residence interior design project

City Square Residence interior design project - Bath room shower

Peaking in the bathroom at the master bedroom, we have a sleek reeded glass door. The choice of tiles we laid is of a neutral tone to invite a sense of calmness into it. Moreover, being able to use more distinct colours for the carpentry. Furthermore, to refrain from having too many sanitary accessories which are normally not the daintiest, we crafted a niche that sits nicely with the tiles for you to place your toiletries neatly.

Future-proof Kid’s room.

City Square Residence interior design project - kids room

City Square Residence interior design project - Kids room

All children grow up faster than we think, so realistically designing a space with fixed kid’s tailored carpentry would not be the best choice. Instead, we have plentiful space for you to do up the space in the future.

However, carpentry like a wardrobe is a no change despite the age of your children, we still need a space to store our clothes and miscellaneous. Hence we have crafted out a more unique design for the wardrobe, with vertical groove lines on the medium wood, mimicking how wooden planks are.

Lastly, completing the look of this kid’s room with a dusty pink accent wall, a clean an arc design that is also future- proof.

Common Bathroom.

City Square Residence interior design project - Common bathroom

Just this bathroom itself, it really shows off how great the renovation has been done. The tiles mimics how hotel bathrooms are, calming and muted. Moreover, having an illuminated mirror helps to emphasise more on the atmosphere.

City Square Residence | 4 Room Condominium


Floor Area: 1,500sqft

Project Cost: $90k

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