87 Dawson | 4 Room Resale HDB

Modern x Old School

Mixing up the popular Mid-Modern & Old School together. From colors to finishes to fittings, all picked and curated by us and the homeowner. What a time capsule to reminisce about the past times! 

The more prominent elements of this crib are the dark walnut, loose furniture, shades of green, and of course local old-school fixtures and fittings. 

Starting from the foyer or entrance, we would first be greeted by the bold red door. A color that we slotted in to add more dynamic to the overall color scheme. For the flooring, we laid old school mosaic tiles, the ones that you find at those old shophouse kopitiams and shops! Then transitioning into the modern concrete vinyl tiles that we overlaid throughout the living room and walkways. Rather than a straight-end cut, we did a zig-zagged pattern with the mosaic tiles and then have it gradually go from the foyer to the living space. 

Moreover, the unit came with this wall of breeze block and we decided to retain it to again have it as an old-school element. 


Next, we have the living space. Less is more, previously there was a false ceiling but we proposed to remove it have the space look not look compact. Adding on, we proposed to have half-height painted walls to replicate the old-school vibe. Then just having a few dark walnut loose furniture and vinyl skirting in place to finish off the mid-modern look. 




Following that, the kitchen. A mid-shade green that is mild, not too bright nor dark. We did not intend to engulf the whole place with shade. Instead, we laid wall tiles in the herringbone pattern and only until the three-quarter mark which is what you see at old kopitiams!

We added a splash of red here and there to complete the look and recommended the homeowner purchase appliance that is red in color. Similarly, with the red tone, we introduced pastel pink for the walls. Lastly, rather than the mundane type of shelves, we inserted organic wood shelving to then add to the mid-modern style.



Moving on, having two different styles in one space. We have a mix of the modern and old here, concrete and Peranakan art tiles. Picking the right art tiles was difficult as the concrete was quite pronounced. In addition, we proposed rustic art tiles as we felt it was a combination of the medley of wall tiles. Lastly, we added black matte sanitary wares to match the dark palette.


Furthermore, we have rooms. This is the sole bedroom of the house. Again, following the design theme, we have greens and wood for this space. The wardrobe has been extended with an additional mirror cabinet in light wood to have the space look and feel vast.

Lastly, we have these two rooms that act as entertainment and wardrobe spaces. Shades of green here and there with loose furniture accompanying them, keeping things minimal.



All in all, this is indeed a one-of-a-kind home. Such a design theme is not a common one that all would go for, which makes it stand out from the other houses. A project to remember really!

87 Dawson | 4 Room Resale HDB

Modern x Old School

Floor Area: 890 sqft

Project Cost: $38k

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