18A Holland Dr | 4 Room Resale HDB

Colonial x Peranakan

This mesmerizing domain encapsulates the art of the colonial classic with the company of Chinese Antique Furniture.

Every Corner.

interior design project - 18A Holland Dr

Such an entrance is designed meticulously. Every element is excessively taken care of. From the DB Box (left) to the tiles to the shoe cabinet (right).

The DB Box is embedded in the wall which again, creates a seamless look. For the tiles, rather than vinyl, we specially picked Art Tiles. These Tiles are placed in a manner that creates an illusion of a doormat. How creative!


Chinese Antique.

interior design project - 18A Holland Dr - TV Wall

A simple TV Wall to house unique furniture like the one below. Rather than a flat white surface, we added strips of plywood to add some dynamic to it. In this crib, we designed it according to the furniture style as well. In this case, Chinese Antique Furniture is put in place. In, the client and we picked out a bold red TV console to contrast with the built-in fittings.


Hack All Walls!

interior design project - 18A Holland Dr (2)

An open concept space. The space was initially a room but we took it away and crafted it into an entertainment space where one can laze around after a hectic day of work and also have her pet run around to do tricks!

This one-of-a-kind doorway also acts as a mini display area for the user to showcase her Chinese Antique Collection.


Cook & Cook.

interior design project - 18A Holland Dr - kitchen space

This home does not have ample kitchen space but we can use gentle colours like white to reduce the rigidity of the space. This would help the kitchen to look way more spacious than it actually is. Then, adding horizontal light elements elongate the space.



interior design project - 18A Holland Dr - washroom

2 Seamless Doors! We purchased quality hinges to create this effect, having them flush nicely against the walls. Which, avoids users from kicking on the door frames. This craft of envisioning every detail to be neat and crisp is honed by years of experience. Surprising to many, it isn’t something that could be copied immediately.



interior design project - 18A Holland Dr - doorway placement

A flushed surface to mount the TV. To have it flushed, we considered the surroundings. From the beam to the columns and to the doorway placement, all taken account into before we produce this Sleek Outcome!



interior design project - 18A Holland Dr - ventilation process

Rather than the usual ventilation fan panel that you see, we picked this oscillating fan that goes with the colonial theme. Most would neglect such elements but in our style of working, we make every little thing stand out, and then have them come together cohesively.


Unseen Storage.

To zone the spaces, we fabricated these “carpentry walls”. Not to only differentiate from space to space, but it is used to house your belongings. There are adjustable shelves and drawers, and different ways to store things!

To end off, this home surely differentiates from “my friend’s house”. Walls are knocked down to create a vast space that turns into distinct spaces, not the usual two bedrooms and study. In which, also is not a common user profile out there.


Client’s Review:

Kudos to Jaeden and my special thanks to YK! Been professional from Day 1 and there had been no hiccups. Completely meticulous with a keen eye for details. Had even gone out of their way to help source accessories that were beyond their scope of work. Completely painless. Absolutely pleased. Thank you!!


18A Holland Dr | 4 Room Resale HDB

Colonial & Peranakan

Floor Area: 990 sqft

Project Cost: $68k

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