4 Bedok South | 3 Room Resale HDB

Scandinavian X Masculine

4 Bedok South | 3 Room Resale HDB

Scandinavian X Masculine

Floor Area: 750 sqft

Project Cost: $30k


A mixed theme over in this unit. With a Scandinavian theme overall then adding a tinge of masculinity to the space, this crafts dynamic. The dynamic helps the unit not look too mundane throughout, rather adding some “spice” allows some excitement in the space. 


Fully Functional, not just looks.


Starting from the entrance, we have a full- functioned TV Cabinet that also acts as a storage space to hide your miscellaneous. Moreover, this resale unit does not have a storeroom/ bomb shelter, so more that we would need to create more storage space. Furthermore, we have a Dining area on the right which we built a storage settee which is also a way to create more storage space more seamlessly. A tall cabinet beside it to also house your dry rations and get access to it more easily from the gathering areas like living and dining.

We have a mix of wood and greys here and there for this fixture. It helps the space look toned- down and cosy at the same time, something soothing to your eyes when you come home after a day out.

Wind down with Wine.

4 Bedok South _ Home bar

Moving on, we have this space at the back at the kitchen. Most home owners would use this as a laundry room or a store room but in our case, we made it a leisure corner. In this wine drinking corner, you can take some time to wind down during the weekends, we specially tailored this carpentry to cater for your wine fridge and wine glasses.

In addition, we proposed this shade of wood that feels a bit more masculine than the common area outside. Setting a more luxe mood here to fit in the usual wine drinking atmosphere.

Medley of Materials.

4 Bedok South _ Wash room

For the bathroom, we have selected 3 different tiles here, a dark grey washed floor, white washed walls and a piano- tiled wall. The number of selections may seem a bit too much but we managed to have them come together nicely and have a sense of dynamic here, rather than having it look flat. 

Moreover, this space has both Scandinavian and Masculine, coming to together well.

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